Saba Azar pipe Miyaneh Company in line with the implementation of major improvement policiesand and productivity in the country’s water industry Since 2006, it has started its activity in the production and supply of various types of polyethylene’s pipes used in the irrigation and water supply industry, sewage and industrial fluid transfer.

This company By continuously paying attention to the production technology and improving the quality level of its products, with the use of suitable equipment and experienced experts, in 2009, the volume of its production started from 1560 tons per year and in 2014 it reached 8580 tons and it is expected to increase its production volume in the coming years.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله پلی اتیلن

The products of this company have the national standard of Iran, Approval of water and soil and agricultural jihad and 10-years insurance is Iran’s insurance. This company by optimizing its work policies, The ability to produce pipes from 16 to 630 mm in pressure ranges from 4 to 20 atmospheres, Irrigation tape and agricultural nylon according to the order of dear customers as soon as possible and at the right price.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - نوار تیپ