Polyethylene drip irrigation connections:

Simple and practical polyethylene drip irrigation fittings, all of which are easily assembled and installed without special tools at high speed. Drip irrigation pipes and fittings are so simple that even with very little expertise, plumbing can be done with some practice. It is enough to spend a little taste and taste to prevent excessive use of water and have a green and fresh garden.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - اتصالات آبیاری قطره ای - قطره چکان نارنجی

Size range of drip fittings:

By using the drip irrigation system, we can have a field or trees full of crops. Drip irrigation fittings are mainly 16 mm in size, which include knee, tee, connector, primary connection of 16 mm pipe, primary washer, type-to-type connection, etc.

Drip irrigation connections and polyethylene connections are very simple, cheap, light and economical. If the use of drip connections is common among farmers, it will greatly help to save water consumption.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - اتصالات آبیاری قطره ای - قطره چکان نارنجی

The importance of using irrigation connections:

A drip irrigation system has unique economic advantages due to the efficient use of water and labor. The drip system uses only half of the water needed for rain or surface irrigation.

In drip irrigation, water is distributed through a low-pressure pipe network in a predetermined pattern.

The means of water entering the soil is called a dripper. Through a narrow nozzle or a long flow path, the droppers reduce the pressure in the pipe network and reduce the discharge flow to about 4 or 8 liters per hour.

The dropper in this company is produced in the form of 6 holes and 8 holes in different colors.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - اتصالات آبیاری قطره ای - قطره چکان نارنجی

The screw drip valve is made as a one-way valve and opens and closes with a single turn to the right and left.

Types of drop valves:

  1. Tip branch valve to the pipe.
  2. branching valve of brigade to 16.
  3. Branching valve of brigade to 17
  4. Branch valve 1/2 to 16
  5. Branch valve 16*16
  6. Lee flat branch valve to 16

Washer at the beginning of 18:

The primary gasket 18 is made of PVC material and the gasket is used to seal the primary fastening of the pipe 16 and the irrigation tape. The initial fastening of the pipe 18 is produced in this company by using a plastic injection machine, PVC and silicone raw materials and a suitable mold.

These gaskets make it very easy, fast, and economical to take the branch from the main pipes. Installation of drip valves and pipes with this method can be done at high speed.

Rubber caps:

Rubber caps are produced in sizes of 18 mm and are used to cover punched pipes with the same sizes and can be removed twice if needed.

Also, it is usually produced and supplied in two colors, transparent white and black. The basic gaskets of tube 18 are very soft, flexible, high sealing power, anti-UV, very cheap and economical in terms of price.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - اتصالات آبیاری قطره ای - قطره چکان نارنجی