Drip irrigation polyethylene’s pipe in drip irrigation networks are produced from low density polyethylene due to low working pressure.

Saba Azar pipe Miyaneh Company has also considered the production and sale of this type of pipes in its product portfolio. This polyethylene’s pipe is produced from LDPE material and is sold in 16 mm size.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله آبیاری قطره ای

Considering that the material of these pipes is soft polyethylene, the term (LDPE) is also used to name it. Of course, the use of other names such as: drip irrigation hose or drip irrigation hose and dripper irrigation pipe, polyethylene’s pipe in size 16 mm And likewise, the drip irrigation hose is common among consumers and sellers.

Soft pipes have all the properties of hard polyethylene, with the difference that they are more flexible, they can be easily drilled and used to place drippers.

Type of irrigation pipe:

In the production of 16 mm drip pipes of this company, soft polyethylene is used, which is the most suitable material for preparing these pipes. In the production of standard pipes, materials are used to make them resistant to solar radiation.

They are also resistant to bending, cracking and breaking due to impact. One of the characteristics of a standard pipe is its resistance to corrosion due to the entry of liquid chemical fertilizers and acidic and alkaline fertilizers such as nitrates.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله آبیاری قطره ای

Advantages of using drip irrigation pipes:

  1. Quick and easy installation, both from the side of connecting to the tap or water pipe, and from the point of view of connecting the drippers.
  2. Increase in performance and productivity as a result of the correct and adequate transfer of water to the plant.
  3. Reducing water consumption and preventing water wastage due to the use of traditional and outdated methods.
  4. The possibility of transferring liquid fertilizers and poisons along with water.
  5. In this method, not only the amount of production is not less, but sometimes it also increases.
  6. Reducing energy costs due to the low pressure required to run a water supply system.
  7. Preventing the destruction and washing of the soil, or in better words, not eroding the soil and also preventing the creation of runoff.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله آبیاری قطره ای