Polyethylene’s pipe as its name suggests, It is a polyethylene’s pipe And it has high quality and many advantages, being flexible is one of them. This type of pipe has a wide range of uses and the significant advantages of polyethylene’s pipes made it replace pipes made of metal, PVC, GRP, etc.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله پلی اتیلن آبرسانی

The advantages of Saba Polyethylene’s Pipes of Azar Pipe Miyaneh compared to other pipes:

  1. Resistance to chemical corrosion and decay.
  2. Resistance to sunlight, infrared and ultraviolet rays.
  3. Can be used on uneven terrain.
  4. Rustproof.
  5. Resistance to fatigue.
  6. It does not get sediment.
  7. Long life.
  8. Can be supplied as a ring, from 100 to 400 meters.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله پلی اتیلن آبرسانی

Uses of polyethylene’s pipes:

  1. Water supply networks, urban and rural sewage.
  2. Liquid and industrial wastewater systems.
  3. Irrigation networks under pressure, both drip and rain.
  4. Drainage networks of buildings.
  5. Covering electrical, telecommunication and fiber optic cables.
  6. Use as ventilation channels.
  7. Movable irrigation systems.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله پلی اتیلن آبرسانی

The differences between the types of polyethylene raw materials:

Before the adoption of international standards, Polyethylene (PE) materials usually according to their density, LDPE (low density), MDPE (medium density) and it was named HDPE (high density), which indicated the strength of the material itself.

ISO standards divide polyethylene materials into two categories, PE80 and PE100, so that the advantages of the material can be easily distinguished.

HDPE pipes can be made from both PE80 and PE100, PE grade (PE80 or PE100) with SDR grade, The most important factors in determining the pressure rating and therefore the pipe required for use.

The minimum strength of PE100 for 50 years carrying water at 20°C is 10 Mpa And the minimum strength of PE80 for 50 years of carrying water at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius is 8MPa.

Long-term performance of PE100 is better than PE80 And at the same working pressure, the thickness of the pipe wall made of PE100 material is less than that of PE80, As a result, the inner diameter is bigger and it has less weight.

کارخانه صبا لوله آذر میانه - لوله پلی اتیلن آبرسانی

PE100 is very resistant to cracking up to minus 30 degrees Celsius, But PE100 performs better than PE80 at low temperatures.

Standard Dimensional Ratio (SDR) is used to describe the ratio of pipe diameter to wall thickness and to determine pipe pressure rating. The ratio between pipe diameter and pipe wall thickness is constant for all pipe diameters at a given pressure level.